Total Packaging (WA) Pty Ltd


Over time, the world has become a throwaway society.  More and more products and the packaging that encompasses them have become totally disposable and destined for landfill sites.  As we continue along this road the available landfill space is diminishing.  Governments are slow to address this problem believing it can be sorted out by governments that follow. Somehow, they think that this issue will just disappear and we will all live happily ever after. Wrong!!!!!

Technology is now changing the way we manufacture products and packaging.  We are now able to manufacture products that allow us to divert waste from landfill sites to other waste streams such as industrial compost facilities and home compost facilities.  Used and disposed of responsibly, these products will aid in relieving the pressure that continues to build on landfill sites.  These products may also have a positive impact on the waste management fees that we pay through our council rates, which are continually escalating.

This new range of products are labelled biodegradable and compostable and are managed under Australian Standards AS4736 for products suitable for industrial composting and AS5810 for home composting.  Products that do not offer this labelling or proof of compliance have a negative long term effect on the environment.

Total Packaging WA Pty Ltd is a strong supporter of environmentally safe plastic packaging.  From plastic cups to dog waste bags our company actively encourages consumers to think about the environment in their purchasing decisions.